Team Policy

Team Policy

Acclaim Team Policies 2018/2019


As a member of Acclaim, exemplary dancers have the privilege of performing, competing, and receiving elite instruction. Although the benefits of being a team member are plenty, there is a large amount of responsibility for both students and parents. The time commitment, as well as the financial obligation exceeds the commitment required in a recreational dance class. The following policy pertains to Acclaim members and their parents or guardians. Please read the following information along with the price list and return the signature portion before your scheduled tryout.


  1. Behavior: Being an Acclaim member is a privilege and should be treated as such. Working together as a team will strengthen performance ability and build personal friendships. RESPECT for instructors and fellow members is mandatory. Unacceptable language, dress or treatment of others will not be tolerated and may result in immediate probation or dismissal. Cell phones and food or drink (except for water) will NOT be allowed in the dance room. Respect for studio and performing venues is also mandatory. Students are required to clean up after themselves and leave things in the initial condition.


  2. Attitude: A positive attitude is critical to the success of the team members as individuals as well as the team in whole. For this reason, negative attitudes will not be tolerated. Backbiting, gossip, harassment, or speaking negatively about or to: teachers, staff, team members, or other teams by students or parents will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will result in probation or dismissal.


  1. Parents: Please help mandate this policy by example. Make Acclaim a positive experience for the dancers. Address problems as they arise and do not participate in ill distribution. To eliminate distraction, parents are not allowed in the dance room. Do not approach teachers with concerns; utilize the email system. Emails will be read and answered by the designated teacher in a timely manner. Concerns regarding clothing, tuition, performance specifics, etc, should be addressed by a secretary or team leader. Parents are encouraged to attend all performances/competitions and practice good sportsmanship. Be supportive and positive about your child, as well as those with whom they participate and compete with. By doing so, you are teaching your child valuable lessons about the joys of fair and respectful competition. Please help dancers prepare for performances/competitions by double checking all costume pieces and props. Everything should be labeled. Help minimize the stress for teachers and team members by checking all belongings before leaving a venue.


  1. Attendance: Attendance is crucial. Attendance will largely determine eligibility to perform. Only four excused absences will be allowed for the entire dance year (Sept.-June). This includes all required classes (technique, choreography, ballet, tap, and tumbling). Absences beyond this may result in termination from performances or competitions, and team probation. If you will not be attending class, please inform your instructor prior to missing. Excused: contagious illness, immediate family wedding/funeral and mandatory school functions. All classes, extra practices, performances and competitions are mandatory. Please check with staff to determine what absences may be made up and do so immediately. Choreography absences cannot be made up. MISSING CHOREOGRAPHY PRACTICE THE WEEK OF A PERFORMANCE/COMPETITION IS NOT ALLOWED AND WILL RELINQUISH PARTICIPATION IN THAT EVENT!


  1. Tardies: It is necessary for students to arrive to class and performances on time and prepared (proper attire and props). Spacing and special instructions are given prior to performing. Every student must participate in warm-ups. Injuries occur when a dancer has not properly stretched out. For this reason, there will be no talking among students during warm-ups. Three Tardies will count as an Absence.


  1. Class Attire: Team members must review and obey class attire requirements provided in the class descriptions (Ballet specifically). Appropriate dance wear and shoes are required for class participation. Loose fitting tops/bottoms, jeans, school shorts/skirts/shoes etc. are not acceptable. Team wear or black attire is required for choreography and technique. Do not wear your performing items to class. Hair must be pulled back in ponytail or bun. Do not wear hair accessories that are loose and need constant adjustment. Students not in proper class attire will receive a “No Dress” for the class. Each “No Dress” will count as one Tardy. Continual “No Dress” may result in students being asked to sit and watch, rather than participate. Please plan ahead if coming to dance immediately after school, friends, etc. Please check with instructors for additional class requirements (i.e. specific tap shoes, sneakers, etc).


  1. Training: Praise, along with constructive criticism is implemented by qualified instructors to help students learn and improve. Students will have certain skills that will be expected to be perfected aside from the routines. Awards or incentives may be offered as each skill is passed off. Parents are welcome to inquire on what their child needs to work on at home. Ballet is required for dancers 8 years of age and above. Tumbling is required for Acclaim 1. An additional style class of your choice is required for Acclaim 2-4. Additional classes will considerably improve dancers’ technical skills, strength, flexibility, endurance, memorization skills and discipline. Dancers benefit from different teaching styles and instructors. Keep in mind that taking all classes on a particular day, increases absences due to illness or obligations.


  1. Practice: There is not a more important element than practice! Students will not be allowed to waste our time or your money by not practicing at home. Students will not remember/perfect multiple routines from week to week, and perform at competition level without home practice. There is clearly a difference in both the ability and attitude between students who practice, and students who don’t. Parents, please take the time to ensure that your dancer is practicing at home. Practice CDs including the current routine(s) music are included in Acclaim fees.


  1. Performances: When costumes are paid for and received, details on accessories, hair, make-up, etc. will be given. Dates, times and places will also be posted as soon as events are finalized. We are always open to suggestions for performing opportunities. There are no absences allowed from performances (unless of course, it is an emergency). If a student unexpectedly misses a performance, the entire group is let down. Formations and partners are obviously affected if someone does not show up. Team warm-up outfits are mandatory at performances. No costume piece should be exposed to the audience.


  1. Competitions: Plan on participating in 3 competitions throughout the year (after January). Most competitions are held on Saturdays, and due to the number of entries, plan on an all-day event. In order to achieve variety and levels of competition, some traveling may be required. Be aware that performance time cannot be controlled, and may be earlier or later than scheduled. Students will be expected to stay for award ceremonies. After working so hard, it is appropriate to be present when awards are presented, not only to accept them, but to cheer on other dancers from our studio, as well as learn sportsmanship among other competitors. Team warm-up outfits are mandatory at competitions.  

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