Taylorsville Studio

Becky’s School of Dance is now registering!

Classes offered at KOPFC and Taylorsville Fitness Center.

Classes start September 3rd.

$35 dollars for 45 Minute classes, $45 for 1-hour classes.

Additional Classes after 1st one are $25 each.

Schedule subject to change based on registration.

Taylorsville Fitness Center:

(4948 S 2700 W)


4:45-5:30pm 3-5yr Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo

5:30-6:15pm 6-8yr Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo 

6:15-7:00pm Jazz 9yr+ 


10:00-10:45am Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo 3-5yr 

10:45-11:30am Beginning Tumbling 4-10yr 

11:30-12:15pm Ballet/Jazz/Tap Combo 6-8yr 

Additional classes available at our Kearns location!

Join our 50 years of experience to excel your technical skill, confidence, fitness, friendships and an ultimate love for dance! 

Call 801-955-9667