Class Info

Acclaim:  Our traveling performing and competing team consists of dedicated dancers 5 to 18 years of age.  Members are offered elite instruction including ballet, jazz, hip hop, lyrical, tap, tumbling and cheer.  Multiple classes required.  Placement by tryout only.

Class requirements:  Black dancewear and team attire required.  Appropriate class footwear.  Hair pulled back.

Ballet: Ballet is an important foundation for all other styles.  Technical Ballet students will improve discipline, strength, flexibility, grace, and posture.   Must be 8 years of age or older.  Advance classes by teacher placement only.  Pointe class requires doctor examination and note.

Class requirements: Pink seamed tights and split sole ballet shoes.  Any color ballet leotard. Ballet skirts and hot shorts are acceptable. Hair must be in a bun.  Professionally fitted Pointe shoes required for Pointe class. 

Cheer: Learn the basics of cheerleading including jumps, kicks, arms, stunts and using pom-poms. Great for students anticipating Jr. High/High School cheerleading.

Class requirements: Plain white tennis shoes. No loose fitting clothing or jeans. Long hair must be in a pony tail.

Competition Cheer: Our traveling and competing cheer team consists of imtermediate to advanced cheerleaders 8 years of age and older. By Invitation Only.

Combo:  Offered to dancers 3 to 8 years of age.  Classes are designed to develop coordination, balance, strength, rhythm, and creativity.  Dance is instrumental in young students learning basic life skills such as listening, following directions, taking turns and developing social skills.

Class requirements: Any type of dancewear accepted. Black ballet shoes for all combos.  Black Tap shoes for ballet/jazz/tap combos.

Hip Hop: Come get your groove on!  This is a high energy funk class incorporating freestyle and tricks.  Popular class for boys

Class Requirements:  Sneakers and non restrictive clothing. 

Jazz: Get your body moving! Learn essential dance basics including center control, leaps and turns while contributing to overall fitness.

Class requirements:  Tight fitting dancewear and appropriate dance shoes including jazz shoe or sandal, gore boot or dance sneaker.

Lyrical: Tell a story while you dance. Experience an emotional fusion of ballet and contemporary jazz techniques.  Must be 8 years of age or older.

Class requirements: Appropriate dance attire and footwear including jazz sandal, foot undies or paws.

Tap: Discover your hidden rhythm in one of the original dance styles.  Incorporate mind foot coordination and increase cognitive abilities while having fun!  Must be 8 years of age or older.

Class requirements:  Tap shoes.

Tumbling: Gain core strength, flexibility and overall body conditioning while learning to execute floor tumbling.  Back walkover required for Level II.

Class requirements: Bare feet and tight fitting attire that does not shift upon tumble.  No jeans/T-shirts allowed.  Hair must be tightly pulled back.